Guide for Community#

Welcome to the guide for notebooks community of the EDS book!

Before you begin this process, please be sure to understand how the publication process works.

We have a code of conduct which is mandatory for everyone involved in the review process of our notebooks.

Below you will find the main steps we suggest to follow to participate in a discussion of a submitted notebook to EDS book.

Scope and Aims#

Thank you for considering contributing to the review workflow of a notebook submission to EDS book. Our review process aims to be open, collaborative, transparent and inclusive. We therefore welcome community feedback from a diversity of background and with varying levels of programming/domain expertise.

Notebook Idea#

We highly appreciate providing feedback to the notebook idea. Any kind of suggestion related to datasets, open-source packages or ecosystems, credits, etc would be valuable for authors.

In addition to the above contribution, anyone from the community with not much programming skills is welcome to suggest a Notebook Idea and ask for help to materialize it as a notebook submission. Please refer to the section of Notebook Idea in the guidelines for authors to get further details of the process.


We encourage post-publication feedback from anyone interested in published notebooks in EDS book. You can report bugs and derivative work in the notebook repository hosted by the eds-book-gallery organisation (see for instance a PR in the DeepForest notebook).

Editors-in-Chief will contact notebook authors when changes are considerably relevant for either narrative or interactive contents. If the authors consider suggestions as a substantial contribution, EiC will acknowledge it by adding the contributor’s name to the citation of the notebook.