Our Community#

Inspired by The Turing Way community coworking calls, the EDS book community had some virtual meetings between 2021 and 2022 with the following two group-oriented formats:

  • Community (6 in total): focused on onboarding new members, support and celebrate members achievements or contributions to open environmental data science.

    • Collaborations cafes (5 in total): for shared experience, connection, support and collaboration among the distributed EDS book community (see shared notes here).

    • Show & tell (1 in total): for shared celebrations and feedback of what EDS book community has accomplished in research and/or software developments (see shared notes here).

  • Working groups (12 in total): focused on specific areas .

    • Publishing (5 in total): for shared work with project interns, collaborators and members interested in submitting or suggesting features to our publishing workflow of EDS book notebooks (see shared notes here).

    • Infrastructure Maintainers (7 in total): for shared discussions in bugs, enhancement and other infrastructure-related topics (see shared notes here).

While the above virtual spaces were fruitful and productive with lots of fun interacting with each other, we are not longer supporting some of them. Please find below the proposed community and team meetings (from April 2023) to discuss important topics and to invite broader participation from others.

Meeting structure#

  • Collaboration cafes: we will continue our community shared-out of recent progress, achievements or events at The Turing Way Collaboration Cafes. At least one of core EDS book members (as described in the Ways of Working document) will be attending the collaboration cafe to onboard or discuss relevant topics within EDS book and The Turing Way communities. Members of both communities are also welcome to join to #environmental-sustainability) in The Turing Way Slack, a dedicated channel for discussing broadly relevant topics aligned to Open Research in Environment & Sustainability.

  • Co-working sessions: we are merging separate working groups meetings into co-working sessions. According to the size of the call, we will create breakout rooms (to allow multiple small groups and discussions).

Meeting dates and calendar#

  • Collaboration cafes: held fortnightly on the first and third Wednesdays of each month for 2 hours (see The Turing Way Community Calendar).

  • Co-working sessions: held fortnightly on the second Friday of each month for 1 hour (see EDS book Community Calendar).

Async community support channels#

If you’re looking for asynchronous support or chat with the EDS book community, there are a lot of options:

Open Research Calendar#

Additional to our community meetings and async communication channels, we encourage you to subscribe to the Open Research Calendar (ORC).

ORC collects exciting events related to Open Research through a Google Calendar and twitter bot.

The calendar’s creators Alexandra Lautarescu, Bradley Kennedy, Cassandra Gould van Praag and Esther Plomp built this fantastic tool at the “Advanced Methods in Reproducible Science” workshop (better known as #Repro2020) in January 2020 based on an idea initially generated by attendees of #Repro2019. Find out more about their work at https://openresearchcalendar.github.io/Open-Research-Calendar.

Anyone can add events to the calendar at https://openresearchcalendar.org/add-event/.


Some material in this section have been adapted from The Turing Way released under a CC-BY 4.0 licence.