How to cite and reuse this material#

The narrative content or graphical objects of EDS book are licensed for free and open consumption under the following license: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). Please use and re-use whatever you need, for any purpose but giving appropriate credit to the EDS book community and/or mentioned attribution within the text (usually visible at the end of a section page).

Every release of the source code repository is archived with a DOI:

Cite this using DOI

You can use this DOI to cite anything in the source code, except executable notebooks.

We suggest citing individual executable notebooks by linking directly to the RoHub citation located at the end of each notebook, for example:

Raquel Carmo, Jamila Mifdal, and Alejandro Coca-Castro. “Detecting floating objects using deep learning and Sentinel-2 imagery (Jupyter Notebook) published in the Environmental Data Science book.” ROHub. Jan 28 ,2022.