About EDS book#

EDS book showcases and supports the publication of data, research and open-source tools using Data Science and AI for characterizing, monitoring and/or modelling a wide diversity of environmental systems.

Through the publication of peer-reviewed executable use cases e.g. Jupyter notebooks, the resource aims to be a living, open and community-driven online resource guiding the scientific community about information extraction, exploration and analysis from environmental sensors (ground sensors, drones, satellite observations) and other type of data (e.g. simulations).

In addition to the book, our goal is to build a computational notebook community putting open science into practice towards a collaborative, reusable and transparent environmental research.

Who is the book for?#

While the scientific community is broad, we think the target audience of this book is:

  • Researchers with some background in environmental science interested in AI and data science methods.

  • Researchers with some background in computer science interested in environmental data science.

  • Anyone else interested in reproducibility, inclusive, shareable and collaborative open environmental science.