FAQ of EDS book notebooks#

Conflict of interest#

The definition of a conflict of Interest in peer review is a circumstance that makes you “unable to make an impartial scientific judgement or evaluation” (PNAS Conflict of Interest Policy). EDS book community is concerned with avoiding any actual conflicts of interest, and being sufficiently transparent that we avoid the appearance of conflicts of interest as well.


The authors themselves assume responsibility for deciding who should be credited with co-authorship, and co-authors must always agree to be listed. In addition, co-authors agree to be accountable for all aspects of the work, and to notify EDS book if any retraction or correction of mistakes are needed after publication.

Confidential requests#

Please write environmental.ds.book@gmail.com with confidential matters such as retraction requests, report of misconduct, and retroactive author name changes. In case of a name change, the DOI will be unchanged and the notebook will be updated without publishing a correction notice or notifying co-authors.