Journal Club Call Template¶


*This HackMD is based on AI for science and government (ASG) journal club

A permanent document exists in the HackMD: that is regularly updated with the empty template for next event.

The Environmental Data Science ⛰ 🌳 🏙️ ❄️ 🔥 🌊 online Journal Club¶

- **Date:** DAY MONTH, YEAR 16:00 - 17:00 (GMT)
- **Paper title (and link):** 
- **Theme Leads:** Researcher(s)
- **Contact:** e-mail address(es)

Thank you for joining the The Environmental Data Science’s journal club!

We’re delighted to have you here 📚

What? *The Environmental Data Science is a community aiming to learn and discuss scientific software practises/developments fostered by AI and data science for a better understanding of our Planet Earth and environmental systems.

Journal club is a discussion space that engage anyone interested in critically evaluating recent articles in the academic literature around a defined subject in basic or applied research, in this case conceptual or experimental AI and data science for environmental studies*.

How? Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 677 957 9342 Passcode: 1989

Tips and Code of conduct¶

  • TBC






Welcome, roll call and intros

Main room



Main room


Paper discussion

Main room


Concurrent silent notetaking



Close out, pluses and deltas


✏️ Questions posed in preparation for the Journal Club session (before the meeting date)¶

Please write your questions as you read the paper - these could be related to the methodology, the data, the conclusions, etc.

  • [name=ResearcherName]

👋 Roll call and Intros (10 mins)¶

Please add your name on a new line below, and answer the icebreaker question:

**:❓: a fun icebreaker question **

💻 Paper presented (10 min)¶

Please write your questions below - these could be related to the methodology, the data, the conclusions, etc.

☑️ While the Main Discussion is happening… please write down your questions, critique, provocation, extension of the method, etc (30 min)¶

📕 Wrap-up - Close out, pluses and deltas (5 mins)¶

Before you leave, please add a key takeaway, something you liked (a plus), and something you’d change (a delta) below.

Key take away¶