Online Show and Tell


The section below is adapted under a CC-BY license from The Turing Way online collaboration cafe

The Environmental Data Science Show and Tell are virtual co-working spaces that are held fortnightly on the fourth Tuesday every two months for 1 hour.

The meetings are a great way to gather feedback informally, but more importantly, it’s a bi-monthly celebration of what you or your team has accomplished.

We host these calls online using Zoom.

One or two members from the core team are always available to lead the call.

Attending an online Show and Tell

The schedule for the show and tell can be viewed from the community calendar.

Though scheduled for 1 hour, we understand that for many interested participants it might be impossible to commit to the entire 1-hour on one or multiple occasions, therefore, you are welcome to join for as long as your schedule allows.

If the current schedule of the online Show and Tell is not suitable for your time zone, you are welcome to host a separate show and tell for your community/time zone. Please open a new issue or reach out to The Environmental Data Science team members for details.

Resources used for the call

Here are the resources we use for these calls:

  1. Shared notes by HackMD: You can access these notes online at and can take notes together with others on the call.

  2. Online call by Zoom: The Zoom link is provided in the HackMD before the call, and members can click to join the call by opening zoom window on the web or by using the Zoom app that should be installed locally (available for free).

  3. An online cuckoo clock on During the call, the clock is set for the session intervals that can be live-tracked by everyone through their browsers.

We coordinate our tasks on the shared HackMD and/or The Environmental Data Science book GitHub repository, where we can work collaboratively or independently while working on an older GitHub issues/PRs, creating new issues/PRs, taking notes as comments on the GitHub repository or working on a branch locally.

Format of the call

We have a template for the Show and tell, which is updated on the shared HackMD for each call.

The welcome, introductions, show and tell, breaks, and the open discussion will all happen in the main room.

We will use the last 10 minutes for themed discussion, collaborative troubleshooting, or idea exchange for the project and community.


We’ll run the following schedule during each Show and Tell:




👋 Welcome, code of conduct review

10 mins

Introductions and goal settings

10 mins

🎬 Show and Tell 1

5 mins

💬 Show and Tell 1 - Q&A

5 mins

☕️ Break

10 mins

🎬 Show and Tell 2

5 mins

💬 Show and Tell 2 - Q&A

10 mins

Open discussion: celebrations, reflections and future directions

5 mins

👋 Close


The call begins with the team member(s) welcoming the participants, sharing the Code of Conduct, reminding how to participate in the call, and setting the stage for quick introductions by everyone.

Sign-up and icebreaker

If you’re interested in joining the next Show and Tell, please let the organisers know by adding your name to the Sign Up section of the HackMD notes page. Adding your name is helpful for the organisers, so they can prepare for the call. But don’t worry if you don’t sign up in advance. It’s ok to join at any time for as long as you’d like.

In addition to your names, we will encourage everyone to add a short response to an icebreaker question, that will help us all learn something personal about all the different people on the call.

Here are a few example questions (so you know what to expect):

  • what was your biggest achievement this week?

  • what are you most excited about this year?

  • what is your favorite flavor in cake/ice-cream?

Do you have another interesting question to ask others? Get in touch and let us know! We love creative suggestions!

Here’s an example from the first Collaboration Cafe in June 2021:

Name + Something you watch (video, movie, documentary. etc) recently that was inspiring for you? + emoji that best explain your day (Remember that this is a public document. You can use a pseudonym if you’d prefer.)

As you can see, there’s a reminder in the notes that they are in a public document. It’s totally fine for you to add as much or as little information as you feel comfortable sharing.

If joining this call later

During a typical Show and tell session, attendees are participating and/or discussing members’ presentations demonstrating their work. If you join later, you will be able to check the remaining time in the ongoing session by opening the shared clock in your browser (link should be provided in the shared notes). You can also access Show and Tell shared notes to read and explore what you would like to propose for the next Show and Tell session.

If you know in advance what time you will join the coworking call, you can let the host know before.

Conversation starters

In the Conversation Starters section of the HackMD notes page, we encourage everyone to advertise their events or give an update from their community.

These don’t have to be Environmental Data Science “branded”! We want to know about all the cool things you’re working on.


We will take a short break after the first 30-min block.

Show and Tell sessions

Show and Tell sessions give you the opportunity to show the most important work you’ve done, talk about what you’ve learned, explain your plans for the next few weeks and answer questions.

We won’t record presentation parts of the Show and Tell. We’ll only take notes of Q&As in the HackMD to posterior access for you and the community.

As a rule of thumb, we suggest to start with 3-min overview of the topic backed by some slides. The remaining time should focus on demonstrating the work! You can gather feedback during and after the demo. Note each show and tell session is followed by 5-min Q&A.

During the online Show and Tell sessions, we’ll use the main room to allow people to attend and discuss Show and Tell sessions.

You’ll see in the HackMD a section that says:

Show and Tell-proposals

If you have an idea for a topic you’d like to discuss in the main room, please add your name and put the topic next to it. If you like one of the topics that are already suggested, please add your name next to that one.

For each session, you can propose a topic to have in a show and tell slot or add your name to support a suggestion that is already on the list.

You don’t have to add your name in advance (although you’re welcome to).

Show and Tell topics might include:

  • A work in progress or ready to use model for monitoring an environmental variable or system.

  • An early, ongoing or mature implementation of Pangeo stack and/or other open-source packages for processing and/or analysing environmental data.

  • Tips and/or help for visualising environmental data.

  • Showcase an existing demonstrator hosted by the Environmental Data Science Book.

The person chairing the call will define the order of topic proposals for the Show and Tell sessions. Also, the chair will announce 5-minute breaks and lead the broader conversation at the end of the Show and Tell.